Ten smartphone makers hoping to crush Samsung

Published On November 12, 2016 | By Charlie Lukas | Technology

Samsung has always been the top player in the smartphone market. The Korean Technological giant has strong competition from Apple, along with other companies such as Xiaomi from China, Micromax from India, etc. that are emerging victorious in the battle between the smartphone giants.

  1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s first phone came out in 2011. Xiaomi has expanded from its home in China to India and other parts of Asia and is making its presence felt in European countries too. Xiaomi’s USP lies in the fact that it sells high specification smartphones at half the price of Samsung smartphones,without compromising on the versatility and durability of its Android skin. Xiaomi Redmi note 3 & Mi Max are clear examples of such strategy.

  1. OnePlus

OnePlus is another Chinese biggie that sells smartphone online. Its strongest point is its strong hardware specifications that are available at a standard price. It has come up with its version of Android, called Oxygen. Smartphones from Oneplus have mostly received positive reviews from customers and hence it makes it to this list.

  1. Oppo

Oppo is the creator of OnePlus. Oppo has been struggling in the smartphone business for a few years. But owing to its endless trials, it is now back in the market with its flagship Oppo Find 7 with strong hardware and software specs and is a sturdy replacement to a Samsung phone.

  1. Coolpad

Coolpad is famous owing to its cheap yet durable products. It doesn’t have outstanding designs or the latest specs but it sure boasts of being the most affordable phone there can be.

  1. Micromax

This has successfully partnered with Google to produce an affordable Android One phone. From being one of the top smartphone brands in India to expanding its sales globally as far as Russia, Micromax is on a rollercoaster ride upwards.

  1. Karbonn

Karbonn tags along just behind Micromax in the quest for dominating the smartphone business in India. It has followed Micromax into the successful creation of the Android One phone and is following up with its rising global and national sales to develop into a force to reckon with in coming years.

  1. Xolo

It’s a low-end smartphone company from India. Following behind Micromax and Karbonn, Xolo shows the potential to dominate a fair section of the digital market in the future through its cheap yet robust models.

  1. Smartfren

Smartfren represents Indonesia’s shift to the Android revolution. It is a mobile telecom operator. Smartfren Andromax has recently taken up with other Asian giants such as Xiaomi to prove its mettle.

  1. Himax

This is another smartphone company from Indonesia catching attention for its sturdy models of smartphones at attractive prices. Given the opportunity to grow further, it shows stamina to develop into something big.

  1. Mito

Mito is Indonesia based but sells well in other Asian countries. It sells tablets and smartphones in the low range end. It is developing fast under its able founders and employees.

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