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Published On December 12, 2017 | By Charlie Lukas | Technology

Thankfully the times where brand marketers’ beliefs concerning their websites were ‘if you construct it they’ll come’ are lengthy gone. It’s now virtually globally recognized that some kind of internet marketing strategy is required to increase brand awareness, traffic and eventually, sales. For this reason internet marketers make use of a complete digital agency to handle a brand’s online presence in the initial design and make of a web site to the marketing, the Search engine optimization and also the online brand management.

For individuals people around the periphery of the concept of internet marketing, Search engine optimization may be the Ultimate Goal. With valid reason: it will get your website greater within the Google SERPs, getting good traffic and much more sales. Search engine optimization professionals and even individuals people around the periphery from the field understand the significance of backlink building in climbing google’s rankings a lot has been created of the significance of social networking in Search engine optimization recently. But what’s the truth?

Certainly, the burgeoning trend for implementing social networking in the last few years has revolutionised the way you use and communicate with the web. Sites like Facebook have incredibly high Pagerank and you can easily fall under the trap of backlinking to your website from websites like these to be able to build reliable links and also to improve SERP position.

However (which is a large however) using Twitter for backlink building has two major flaws which is the part where your digital agency must have interrupted your lavish plans for any Twitter-based backlink building project.

The very first flaw is the fact that links on Twitter fall under the course of what is known nofollow links. That’s the state that once the Googlebot visits the website, it does not follow individuals links anyway. Thus, the advantage of getting them there’s reduced to, well, nothing.

The 2nd issue is the character from the posts we make on Twitter. That 140 character limit implies that couple of URLs that Search engine optimization executives attempt to connect to are ever likely to fit. This leads to using URL shorteners. Granted, they allow you to match your big lengthy URL within the box, however that shortened URL is nearly worthless when it comes to Search engine optimization. This is just since the text inside a link is proportional to Google’s ranking of the site: so irrelevant figures and letters inside a shortened URL offer hardly any in Search engine optimization terms.

Don’t write of social networking altogether though. Your digital agency ought to be utilizing it in your online brand management. It’s helpful as a way of raising brand awareness, growing traffic and getting together with consumers on the more personal level than the usual TV advert ever permitted. Just don’t depend on social networking too extensively for Search engine optimization.

Looking for a social media agency Singapore? While the estimate is important, you need to check the work of the marketing firm and the range of projects they have completed so far. Don’t shy away from asking references, besides a consulting session.

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